Notepad++ new save dialog box

This has been bugging me for literally years; it’s the save dialog box for notepad++. The default one is not very nice…   Now this is so much better! How To: Recompile and that’s it! I found this solution once on the source forge np++ forums years ago, with no other comments and very little […]

Open Source? I don’t see it.

I reformatted my computer, and took myself upon a challenge. If the source is available, and I can’t compile it, I can’t install/use it. It’s going pretty damn well too! Except there’s one thing that always strikes a nerve in me. Why advertise that your project is all open source and advertise it under an […]

Python Chat Client DevLog

During the process of the networks and security module at university we have been given the push to work towards a single server, multi-client application where the server would hold all the logic, and the clients simply connect and play games. So as a simple development log of my current progress, here’s a screenshot of […]

Computer Forensic Investigation – Phases of a Crime

Network enumeration – Research the target. Vulnerability analysis – Detect how to attack the target. Exploitation – Compromise the system. A Standard Intrusion Scenario Reconnaissance – Network enumeration and vulnerability analysis. Exploitation – The intruder launches their attack. Reinforcement – Escalate privileges, import tools onto the victim, hide their presence. May even patch the vulnerability […]