C++ Obfuscated code

while on IRC, some one linked this piece of C++ code: Selec All Code:1 int main()<%<:]{%>();%> It’s a perfectly valid piece of code too! It compiles, and as expected has no output. But how does it work? It was puzzling at first, until they shared this piece of code: Selec All Code:1 2 3 4 […]

Software design principles and software structures in the IT Systems Development Life Cycle

This blog post will explain the role of software design principles and software structures in the IT systems development life cycle. It will also explain the importance of the quality of code that includes the readability, robustness, efficiency among other characteristics. Stages of Development Life Cycle: There are 8 known stages during the software development cycle; these […]

C# Dev Blog

Well I haven’t updated in a while, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been unproductive. Instead of jumping back into the game with a new design, I went back to reading C# 4.0 Pocket Reference, and I’m learning more syntax tricks and functionality of C# I didn’t think was possible before. So I plan on […]

XNA Game Dev Blog #7

As I expected, I didn’t get round to do ANY coding today. However it has been a rather educational day for me. From yesterday I talked about how my code is getting a complete mess, and that I should refactor it, so I’ve been looking at a few sources today. 1 Website I was reading […]

XNA Game Dev Blog #6

Today I got round to adding explosions to the alien ships, as well as adding a semi upgrade to the ship. Other things done is the background shifting slightly with the player movement. Look pretty cool and a lot better than previously just having the background scroll along the Y axis. My code is starting […]

XNA Game Dev Blog #5

Well I got animations working, both looping and non looping. It was surprisingly easy. All I needed to do was create a rectangle bound of the current section of the texture I want to draw, then every iteration where current game time – past game time > next frame, add on the sprite width to […]

XNA Game Dev blog #4

To follow on from yesterday’s post, I got a bit done today. I got round to making the lasers and collisions collide with each other after playing around a bit. I also changed the playership slightly, to give it less of an advantage. I removed the side large cannons, of the ship and plan on […]

XNA Game Dev blog #3.1

Talking about my previous blog post. I searched around a bit and found it I can change/disable the colour key, by just right clicking on the image, going into properties and disabling the colour key. This will save me a lot of time recolouring the images. Here’s an image of where to disable it, highlighted […]