Python Chat Client DevLog

During the process of the networks and security module at university we have been given the push to work towards a single server, multi-client application where the server would hold all the logic, and the clients simply connect and play games. So as a simple development log of my current progress, here’s a screenshot of the multiple clients connecting to a single server that will echo the messages received back to the client that sent it.


The top left window is the server, and then 4 clients that are connected to it, of which each client is able to send a message and receive the echo response back at any time. This is the main backbone of the system in place, however due to the differences between the Windows and UNIX operating systems and how the std/IO is handled, an alternative (but still cross compatible) method of approach will be implemented to support a complete chat room.

In the mean time while working on the new client part to support a chat room, I created a GUI in python which will soon be ready to connect to the server and receive/display responses in a well formatted manner. Here is a current sneak peek as to what it will look like.



With auto scrolling text, simple connection status report, button and keyboard enter binding support to send the text, it’s a simple interface that will soon directly connect to the server.

Quick Edit:

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like when clients connect and drop from the server at different times.