Computer Forensic Investigation – Definitions #2

Malware Malicious software that is unwanted on a computer system. Symptoms may include making the machine run slow, starting unknown processes, causing activity without the users action (unwanted). Virus Malware that replicate within the system without the users interaction. Once it has matured within the infected system, it will then deliver the payload. Often a […]


Selec All Code:–> aj_ (4717294e@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined ##programming <aj_> hello? <epitamizor> knock knock <Capt_Morgan> eh? who’s there! <JSharpe> ah the door bell repair man arived <aj_> who’s there? <Capt_Morgan> we don’t want any! unless she’s in a trenchcoat, wearing nothing underneath <aj_> i got a programming question <jitsuin> you are in the right place <aj_> […]

Fundamentals of Physics and Python

There’s ~lots~ of programming resources out there. Many books (good and bad), and many websites (good and just don’t ever go there). In my experience of almost 10 years now, it’s finally time I gave the Python programming language a fair shot. Scripting languages are what originally got me into programming from the beginning, HTML/CSS […]

Arma 3 scripting

I hate it. I love Arma 3, it has brought some of the best memories in online gaming to me. The community is fantastic, and know how to have a joke around and when to take things seriously. They are also some of the most helpful and down to earth people I’ve ever talked to […]

Graph Theory

Graph theory is studying the connections/relation between entities to produce a model. A basic graph contains vertices/nodes and edges that show the relation between them. they can be used to visualise how ¬†a network (roads, cables, rooms/doors) is connected. Each graph contains two finite sets of vertices and edges. Each edge contains a set of […]


Cryptography is a technique used to securely communicate a message between two parties without a third party being able to decipher the true message. Definitions: Alice & Bob – The parties that wishes to send/receive a message securely. Eve – The eavesdropper who wants to read the messages passed between Alice and Bob. Plain Text […]